Shape Moulding Machine

  • Hydraulic or Electric Servo Drive
  • Fully Automated
  • Horizontal Moulding Sizes: min – 600 mm, max – 2200 mm
  • Vertical Moulding Size: min – 500, max max – 1400 mm
  • Custom Design Aluminum Steam Chambers
  • Custom Design Steel Machine Construction
  • Quick Mould Change System
  • Adjustable Ejector Plate on Fixed Side
  • Bead Hopper with Level Control and Filling Blower
  • User Friendly 12’’ Touch Screen Control Panel
  • PLC Control System
  • Digital Distance Measure
  • Proportional Valves for Steam and Air Control
  • Pneumatic Control Unit
  • Individual Vacuum Unit with Efficient Condenser
  • Safety Fences With Doors and Buzzers
  • Cabinet Type Electrical Panel
  • Custom Dimensions and Designs
  • Metal/Plastic Inserted Models
  • Moulds and Filling Guns
  • Automatic Exractor for Product De-moulding
  • Automatic Product Magazine
  • Extra Hopper
  • Easy Data Transfer with Ethernet Port
  • Production Report System
  • Central Vacuum System
EPHV Series EP K Series EPAV Series EP HV Series EP K Series
EPVH-670/570EH EP-57KH EP-1100AV EPVH-670/570EE EP-57KE
EPVH-870/670EH EP-68KH EP-1300AV EPVH-870/670EE EP-68KE
EPVH-1070/670EH EP-710KH EP-1700AV EPVH-1070/670EE EP-710KE
EPVH-1270/670EH EP-810KH EP-2000AV EPVH-1270/670EE EP-810KE
EPVH-1220/720EH EP-813KH EP-2200AV EPVH-1220/720EE EP-813KE
EPVH-1070/870EH EP-912KH EP-2500AV EPVH-1070/870EE EP-912KE
EPVH-1270/870EH EP-1013KH EPVH-1270/870EE EP-1013KE
EPVH-1070/1070EH EP-1014KH EPVH-1070/1070EE EP-1014KE
EPVH-1120/1070EH EP-1015KH EPVH-1120/1070EE EP-1015KE
EPVH-1395/870EH EP-1214KH EPVH-1395/870EE EP-1214KE
EPVH-1270/1070EH EP-1018KH EPVH-1270/1070EE
EPVH-1400/1000EH EP-1317KH EPVH-1400/1000EE
EPVH-1270/1270EH EP-13517KH EPVH-1270/1270EE
EPVH-1470/1270EH EP-1721KH EPVH-1470/1270EE
EPVH-1395/1395EH EP-1318KH EPVH-1395/1395EE
EPVH-1670/1270EH EP-1418KH
EPVH-1870/1270EH EP-1421KH