EPS Block Moulding Plants

Vertical and Horizontal type Block Moulding Machines are the major processor of Block Moulding Plants. Ege Proses has two varieties of block machines, either vertical or horizontal and all type of machines have vacuum system and engineered for better quality products.

The EPS bulletins which produced in Block moulding plants can be cut by hotwire method and produce sheet and shaped articles as well. There are some varieties products by this method as follows;

  • Insulation Sheet
  • Block Hourdi Slab
  • Decorative Facade Applications
  • Cushioning Sheets for Packaging
  • Geofoam for Road & Lateral Supports
  • EPS Sandwiches Panels
  • Pre-Expander Machine; Batch and Continuous type
  • Beads Maturasing Silo System; Silo, Fans and distribution collectors
  • Block Moulding Machines; Vacuumed, Vertical and Horizontal Type
  • Steam Accumulator
  • Hot Wire; Continuous Sheet Cutting Line,Compact Cutting Machine, CNC Hot Wire Cutting
  • Recycling Equipment and Units; Crusher/Grinder Machine, De-Dusting Unit, Mixing Machine
  • Steam Generating System; Steam Boiler, Burner, Condense Tank, Water Softener etc.
  • Water Cooling System; Cooling Tower, Pumps, Pool, Hydrophere etc.
  • Pressurized Air System; Screw type Air Compressor , Air Receiver, Dryer
  • Process Piping; Steam /Air/Water/Drain lines and controlling for machineries